About SACC

Sandringham Ambulatory Care Centre was established in 2017 in order to better aid the Bayside community by taking pressure off the emergency department,  seeing patients with minor injuries such as fractures, skin infections and wound management.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 we assisted the Bayside community by operating pop up and permanent testing clinic and later in the Vaccination drive the Sandringham Vaccination Centre.

In 2021 we extended our original idea of SACC to Ambulatory Care @ The Kids to operate a similar service at the Royal Children’s Hospital alleviating strain on Hospital staff. 

Our about

Meet Our Team

David Osman

Executive General Manager

David is responsible for the effective oversight of the organisation, supporting our team to lead across all the services that we provide.

Daniel Cechner

Head Of Clinical Services

Daniel is responsible for the clinical services that SACC operates, including our nursing support, COVID testing, vaccination and ensuring ongoing development for our clinical workforce.

Helen Kenny

Head Of Operations

Helen ensures the day to day running of the support services, including our administration teams, corporate support services and working with our GPs.

Dr Vanessa Thompson

Director Of Clinical Governance

Vanessa is our GP lead working across all our clinical service areas. Apart from leading our GP team, Vanessa also works on a regular basis in our ambulatory care services and monitoring our clinical governance assurance.