COVID-19 Positive Pathways Program

Under the direction of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, the COVID-19 Community Care Pathway has been developed to support GPs in managing COVID-19 positive patients in the community and provides advice and streamlined escalation of care of patients at risk and in the event of deterioration. The program is a collaboration between DHHS, Connect Health & Community, Alfred Health, Star Health and SEMPHN (South East Melbourne Primary Health Network). Low care pathway care and triage support is operated by Sandringham Ambulatory Care Centre.

The program includes all COVID-19 positive patients within a specified Alfred Health catchment. 

Information about the Department of Health COVID Positive Pathways click here

Upon notification from DHHS of a positive test result, all patients in scope will be contacted and undergo a clinical and psychosocial assessment to determine whether they are low, moderate or high risk and telehealth monitoring of patient progress occurs, through to clearance from isolation.

All patients with a positive test are referred by DHHS and all new patients to pathway assessed by SACC GPs who assess and perform risk stratification and allocate to appropriate risk pathway

Low Risk patients are cared for by their usual GP where possible, with the support of SACC Nurse Connectors and Star Health. Patients who do not have a GP are linked in with a GP from the community

Information for GPs is available via the Alfred Health website, click here